"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

What damages teeth?

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

What damages teethIt is known that teeth play a role in chewing, smiling and speaking. Can it be that you do not know everything about your teeth? The acidic things are just as harmful as candy. Foods with high acidity and low pH levels, such as sour candies, soft drinks, fruit juices are very harmful; erode the tooth enamel, resulting in reduced tooth size. On completely cleaned teeth, plaque formation begins just only after 20 minutes, which is harmful to tooth enamel and then causes tooth decay on long term. Proper dental hygiene several times a day is very important.

The harmful pleasures

The worst devastation on our teeth is caused by citric acid. A nightmare of a dentist is a candy also popular among children: the sour candies. In addition, the teeth enamel in children is even easier to damage since they are softer; they are more exposed to the damaging effects of acids. Although the teeth of adults are more resistant, foods with low pH levels and sugar-free (!) are harmful for them too: they lead to tooth decay. If you want to have food or drinks with a high acid content, you should consume them together with other foods, so that the harmful effects of acid are minimize. And always use proper dental hygiene after, so that the damage can be minimize. The enamel is hard, but it can be easily broken.

The doctors say that chewing on hard ice or popcorn corns should be avoided. If you bite on something hard, two extremely hard materials meet Рhard food and enamel. Those who also have several fillings should be especially careful. Tongue and lip piercings are not without a reason not a favorite of dentists. The metal jewelry is a hot bed for bacteria and can also easily damage teeth, as they surges against the enamel while speaking.

Proper dental hygiene includes regular professional dental cleaning

In general: Follow proper dental hygiene and visit the dentist at least once a year. Read more about oral hygiene in general on Wikipedia.

If it already has come to you losing one or more teeth or that they have to be pulled out, it is recommended to consider dental implants. Damaged teeth cannot be saved through applying the right dental hygiene. Look at our dental implant prices and learn more about affordable dental care. Or get a quote by clicking the button below.

What damages teeth?
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