"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Toothache is almost intolerable

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

What helps, what can you do to fight toothache?

Toothache is almost intolerable

Toothache of any kind

Hardly any pain is so painful and persistent, as a toothache. Almost everyone knows it, has had already experienced a toothache at least once in his life, either caused by inflammation or as a result of a dental treatment.
The causes of tooth pain vary, but there is always an irritation of the tooth nerve, usually an inflammation in the background. It is important to take this pain always serious, even if most of us are afraid of dental treatments, then like any long-lasting inflammation in the body, these can also lead to long-term health damages in the body.

This article will answer the following questions:

  • What to do in case of¬†tooth pain
  • What helps against toothache?
  • About gingivitis
  • About root canal treatment
  • Pain after insertion of crowns and bridges

What to do in case of tooth pain

But what to do in case of a toothache? Both painkillers as well as home remedies do not replace a trip to the dentist, and should act only as a temporary solution, they should only help to bridge over the waiting time for a visit to the dentist. It cannot be stressed enough, you should definitely consult a dentist, esspecially because of the many consequences that a toothache can cause trigger later.
In addition to painkillers, which can be bought without prescription in any pharmacy, there are also many home remedies that can ease the pain for the short term. Here are just a few ideas, because everyone swears by something else and the internet also recommends numerous SOS advices:

What helps against toothache?

  • Cooling, as with any type of inflammation is always a good idea
  • the chewing of cloves has disinfecting and anesthetic
  • Rinse with chamomile or sage tea is calming, yet easy antibacterial



It is caused by bacteria and can result in serious cases even to periodontal disease and even tooth loss, so we should have the first mark as bleeding gums to be taken seriously because it can lead to further problems, although it rarely does hurt at the beginning.
A regular and thorough oral hygiene is definitely important, and a good alternative also mean mouthwashes because they have an antibacterial effect and prevent.

Root canal treatment

Mostly produced inflammation of the tooth root by caries (tooth decay), by which bacteria enter the tooth interior. Even if a crown (see below) is to be made, the tooth root to be treated.
A root canal treatment has many advantages, the most important perhaps, that the natural tooth is preserved, which is an optical Plus, and later at a bridge, it offers support. And very important to point out: a root canal should not be painful!

Pain after insertion of crowns and bridges

Must it be so? Many doctors reassure the patient, at the beginning it was something normal, the teeth were ground down yes. However, even after the establishment of the final bridge feel some discomfort when chewing pressure or refrigeration and heat sensitivity.
These problems can have various causes:

  • the dental bridge is not properly adjusted
  • Inflammation of the dental bridge, which necessarily calls for a treat!

In any event, and can be successfully treated and eliminated the pain, so you should have no hesitation in entrusting them to the dentist.
The conclusion is, here is the most important are: toothache, what cause they always have, is no child’s play and nothing should spare a dental visit. Good news: no type of treatment must now be more painful!

Toothache is almost intolerable
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