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Do I need to get tooth reshaping?

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Cases, where aesthetic correction may be necessary

Do I need to get tooth reshaping?

The shape of the teeth

Who would not agree that healthy, nicely shaped, naturally white teeth make their owners self-confident and therefore more successful? In today’s world, the emphasis we put on our appearance is even bigger than before.
tooth reshaping
In the followings, you will find answers to these questions:

  • Is tooth reshaping possible?
  • In what cases is tooth reshaping justified?
  • What kind of dental procedures are suitable for teeth contouring?

Is tooth reshaping possible?

Thanks to scientific developments and the modern dental procedures, it is nowadays possible for everyone to have a perfect set of teeth. It frequently occurs that, despite having healthy teeth, we are not satisfied with them from an aesthetic point of view. The good news is that it is possible to change the colour, size and even the shape of our teeth.

In what cases is tooth reshaping justified?

Diastema – a gap between the teeth – is a harmless flaw in most cases. Most frequently it occurs between the two upper incisors, but it can also appear between the side and posterior teeth, which can lead to chewing problems, as well as other dental problems. Getting rid of the gap between the teeth is not only a remedy for these problems – it can also alter the patient’s speech and pronunciation of words.The uneven surface of the teeth can also cause inconveniences. It can make chewing difficult, the affected teeth are more prone to cavities and it is not nice from an aesthetic point of view, either.Another common phenomenon is the noticeable difference in the size and shape of our teeth. This can be really disturbing, especially when the sizes of the frontal teeth are different, which makes our teeth look irregular. Neither is it rare that our teeth look much smaller than they are in reality. The reason for this is that the gum grows over the teeth excessively, making them smaller optically.

What kind of dental procedures are suitable for teeth contouring?

Depending on the patient’s preferences, various procedures are available to change the shape and size of the teeth.
One of the best known solutions is the dental crown which is implemented for the protection of a weakened tooth. This is an ideal solution for making the discoloured, irregular teeth look better. Besides, it is used for implants and for repairing broken or damaged teeth. Crowns can be made of various materials: metal, metal ceramic, plastic, full ceramic or zirconium oxide. During the procedure, the teeth are ground down which damages the intact teeth.
teeth contouring
Dental veneers, ceramic veneers or direct veneers are lesser known solutions that can offer a perfect result when our teeth are discoloured, there is a gap between our frontal teeth, our tooth is broken or doesn’t have the appropriate shape or size. A decisive argument for ceramic veneers is the fact that the teeth are only minimally ground down during the procedure. The end result is a beautiful, natural looking set of teeth.
Braces, known by many people since early childhood, also serve as a solution for altering the size and shape of the teeth. In order to achieve the desired effect, braces must usually be worn for several months or even a for couple of years. We should know that in most cases patients complain of some pain and discomfort. Another argument against braces is that they are easily noticeable by everyone and they can thus make their owner feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, a solution already exists for this problem, too. There are internally fitted, therefore completely invisible devices which offer a perfect solution from an aesthetic point of view.
In cases where the size of the teeth is defined by the gum grown over them, the gum is pushed up by dental laser, which increases the size of the teeth.
All in all, if you are not satisfied with your teeth, don’t be afraid to contact us– nowadays there is a solution to every problem!

Do I need to get tooth reshaping?
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