"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Dental plans for seniors –
what is essential, when you ask for a quote?

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Dental quotes are more personal than you would think

We have years of experience now, we have seen a lot. Each patient of ours is different, so is their way of obtaining dental quotes. It is at times easier to get on the same wave, other times it is a lot harder to be fair. Imagine us in the situation: We are sitting in front of our computers and the most we know about the patient at the time of request is the few lines he has provided us.

A treatment plan is more complex than you think

dental plans for seniors

We ask for a telephone number, not because we want to call our clients each day, every hour, but only so we can understand their case in depth, and therefore we can choose the best, most suitable clinic for them. And anyway, it makes everything more efficient and faster. What you have to understand is, that a patient usually does not know anything (or just very little) about dentistry, and for a dentist it is quite a challenge to hand out a quote and dental plans for seniors without seeing the patient in his dentist chair. The patient needs to have patience with us and invest a lot of trust. When a dentist gives out dental plans for seniors, based on his vast experience, in his opinion that is THE suitable treatment, of course taking into account the specific wishes of the patient. At the time of sending out the dental plans for seniors, it only will include the materials to be adopted, everything else like shape, color, and so on will be defined upon the visit. And it is a given, that we make a real effort to make the patient understand the treatment plan in detail, specifically what treatments are necessary to restore his smile.

So what do we need in order to be able to create dental plans for seniors?

Of course we do the bigger job from here, but it is necessary for the patient to work with us, that is, to open up. We want our patients to understand that the things we are asking for have a reason. We want them to understand, that designing a treatment plan is quite complex, it takes a lot of organization, logical thinking, empathy towards each individual; thus there is a lot of work behind it. We want our clients to provide as many information details as possible when they request a dental plans for seniors. A few lines written about where a tooth is missing and what they want to happen with it will simply not be enough. Many things must be considered, such as bone structure, allergies, teeth surrounding the hole and so on.

Your dental personal assistant = Your friend

We trained our personal assistants to be a friend of the patient, to get close to them. At the end of the day, it such interventions are to change lives, even the smallest treatment will do so. Teeth, smile and the health of the mouth should be on top of everyone’s list, and we are doing the best to assist each patient to achieve all of the above. Look at us as your friend. We have the best and most affordable dental plans for seniors.

Dental plans for seniors –
what is essential, when you ask for a quote?
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