"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Dental inlay as fillings

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

What is a dental inlay? And how much do dental inlays cost?

Dental inlay as fillings

This article will answer the following questions:

  • What is a dental inlay?
  • When is a dental inlay needed?
  • The several materials
  • How much are dental inlay costs?

What is a dental inlay?

Dental inlayA dental inlay is a type of dental filling, which complements or rather fills, damaged parts of the teeth. The difference between dental inlays and other types of dental fillings is, that dental inlays are manufactured for and are adjusted exactly into the tooth.

When is a dental inlay needed?

Dental inlays are needed, if the tooth isn’t so damaged, that in order to repair the damage a dental implant would be required. With the application of dental implants the aesthetics of the teeth is improved.

Which materials are used for a dental inlay?

Dental inlays are manufactured out of several materials, such as gold, galvanic-ceramics, ceramics, and synthetics or out of titanium.

The several materials

  • Evidently, if the aesthetics are preferred a ceramics dental inlay is the most appropriate for a patient. Furthermore dental inlays out of ceramics are applied the most often.
  • Usually, dental inlays are very long-lasting, however a gold dental inlays are the most durable. Gold dental inlays are manufactured out of high-grade steel, due to which these types of inlays are considered to have the highest dental inlay costs. The exact fitting of a gold dental inlay is the reason for why it shows unlimited durability.
    Evidently, on more visible tooth areas gold dental inlays aren’t so favourable. In such tooth areas rather ceramics dental inlays are used, since these are less
  • A further type of dental inlays is the so called , galvanic dental inlay,which represents as a combination of gold and ceramics.
  • Furthermore nowadays dental inlays out of titanium or a certain synthetics are manufactured and applied more and more often. Such dental inlays are manufactured out o high-graded plastics and are also called composite inlays.

How much are dental inlay costs?

The application of a dental inlay is an efficient method to prevent or to avoid the application of a crown or even of a dental implants’ and to save more money. Since dental inlay costs are a lesser than the costs of a crown or of a dental implant. Herewith, the dental inlay costs are influenced by the materials in use, the costs of the dentist, and by the dental laboratory.
Usually with dental treatments, which are implemented in Hungary, one can save more money. For Example the ceramics dental inlay costs are approximately 230 Euros per unit.

Dental inlay as fillings
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