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"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Dental bridge or implant / implant or bridge ?

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Implant or bridge? Which one is the better solution?

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Implant or bridge? Which one is the better solution?

Are you thinking about a dental bridge or implant, but do not know which solution would be more optimal in your case? Both systems can replace a missing tooth, but are completely different methods. Anyway, it is important to replace a tooth gap with either a dental bridge or implant.

This article will answer the following questions:

  • What is a dental implant?
  • What is a dental bridge?
  • Dental bridge or implant?
  • What are the differences, the advantages and disadvantages?

What is a dental implant?

dental bridge or implantA dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of a biomaterial, which is placed in the position of either an already lost or to yet to be removed tooth to carry the beforehand carefully planned tooth replacement. The material which the implants are made of, is usually pure, unalloyed titanium. Even if you should have an allergy to certain metals, there is no reason for concerns: Titanium is completely accepted by the human body.

What is a dental bridge?

dental bridge or dental implantA dental bridge consists of two or more connected crowns, one-two of them literally bridge a gap or also two gaps. The crowns at the two ends of a bridge find support on natural teeth or dental implants. Typically, a dental bridge is permanently screwed or cemented. If telescopic crowns are used as an anchor, the dental bridge can also be removable.

Dental bridge or implant?

Just like dental implants, dental bridges are used as a replacement for missing teeth. When deciding for a replacement method, you have to consider several factors such as aesthetic and functional aspects. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages, which must be considered individually in each case. The question dental bridge or implant should be discussed with your treating physician.

What are the differences, the advantages and disadvantages?

A dental bridge is with two adjacent teeth connected; a dental implant is on the other hand from the neighboring teeth completely independent. A dental implant also retains the bone substance, which otherwise gradually declines at tooth loss and would thus no longer be enough for an implantation later. This is important if you should think about getting a dental bridge first and then later an implant placed.
The biggest advantage of a dental bridge compared to an implant is that the treatment is complete within approximately 5 days. In contrast, a treatment with an implant requires multiple treatments and can take months, as a healing period in between the implantation and crown placement is necessary.

Before making a decision, please consider the following:

  1. Better oral hygiene: an implant is on its own, a dental bridge on the other hand claims the neighboring teeth, which can have adverse consequences.
  2. Stability and durability: A dental bridge as well as an implant are inserted firmly and provide a solution for missing teeth. However, a dental bridge exerts pressure on the adjacent teeth; thereby reducing its lifespan with the applied strain over a longer period. A dental bridge can hold 10-20 years after which it has to be replaced. As a result, the supporting teeth are then so weak that they are no longer able to hold a new dental bridge.
  3. Dental implants cannot necessarily be noticed from others, because they act like natural teeth, as opposed to a dental bridge. They therefore meet the rather high expectations of an aesthetically appropriate appearance, and in addition provide more comfort.

There are many differences between a dental bridge and an implant, in particular a dental bridge is less drastic, faster and financially advantageous, but the implant on the other hand is a better solution when it comes to duration, not requiring preparation of healthy teeth and provides aesthetically the better result. You can decide for yourself if dental bridge or implant by weighing the points mentioned.

Get a quote from our staff to find out whether a dental bridge or implant is more appropriate in your case.

Dental bridge or implant / implant or bridge ?
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