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Dental bone graft cost

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

How much do different dental bone grafts cost?

Dental bone graft costDental implant serves as a replacement for lost teeth. For most people is the health and aesthetics of their teeth very important. An appropriate dental implant requires exact planning. IN order to manufacture the most adequate dental implant for the patient, one needs to be prepared to come up for the costs of the dental implant insertion procedure, as well as when it comes to dental bone graft costs. Important to know is, that before the insertion of the dental implant can begin, it needs to be checked whether the patient has an eligible amount of bone structure. If this is not the case, first of all a dental bone graft needs to be executed. In the following different types and the dental bone graft costs will be examined. Generally, dental bone graft occurs as before the dental implant is inserted.

Dental bone graft costs

Evidently, different types of dental bone grafts have different costs. Dental bone graft costs vary based on several aspects, such as amount and type of dental bone grafting, as well as Western Europee of materials. When it comes to the amount of dental bone graft it needs to be considered that dental bone grafting costs depend based on the type of the dental bone graft and the necessary amount of the given material.
The surgical costs differ only when it comes to the type of dental bone graft. However, the amount which is built of different materials is always accounted for in units.

Dental bone grafts with implants

For the insertion of dental implants is dental bone graft necessary, if there is no sufficient amount of own jaw bone of the patient. Dental bone grafting occurs in the framework of a surgical intervention and can be done in both upper and lower jaw bone. The mostly used method of dental bone grafting with implants is the insertion of endogenous bone into the jaw bone.

Different Types and costs of dental bone grafting in the United States:

  • Dental bone grafting in the upper jaw bone is also called sinus lift and goes as follows: The sinuses are being lifted and between the jaw bone and the sinuses dental bone graft material is inserted. The surgical costs of sinus lift are accounted for in quadrants and the dental bone grafting costs based on the amount of necessary units. The sum of the treatment costs and material costs, as in the all in costs are accounted for between 200 and 400 Usd with regard to an inner sinus lift and approximately between 500 and 1400 Usd with regard to an outer sinus lift.
  • Furthermore, the method of bone augmentation is also available nowadays. Hereby it comes to aggrandizement for the implants, through the splitting of a too narrow of a tooth. This surgical intervention accounts for approximately 1000-1500 Usd per unit.
  • When it comes to bone augmentation out of the lower jaw, the dental bone grafting costs are around 1.150 Usd all in all.
  • In the case of an Iliac crest autogenous transplantation, as a further method of dental bone graft an inlay bone graft is extracted from the iliac crest, in order to be able to rebuild the jaw structure. This intervention, also called augmentation, costs the patient all in all approximately 4.500 Usd.
  • A different type of dental bone grafts with implants is the so called socket preservation (also called alveolar ridge preservation (ARP)) which is a procedure to reduce bone loss after tooth extraction to preserve the dental socket. This intervention costs between 150 and 400 Usd.
  • Furthermore another procedure of dental bone grafts is when bone particles are placed on the damaged teeth, and are integrated within the framework of the healing process. This type of dental bone grafting accounts for costs between 60 and 350 Usd.

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Dental bone graft cost
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