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Dental bone graft cost

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

How much do different dental bone grafts cost?

You might have wondered what the expression dental bone graft means, when it is applicable and how much the costs are. Our article provides answers to the following questions:
Dental bone graft cost

  • What is bone grafting and how is it performed?
  • When is the intervention necessary?
  • What risks are involved?
  • What bone graft types are there?
  • Costs of dental bone grafting

What is bone grafting and how is it performed?

The expression stands for an intervention during which the augmentation of the jaw bone is necessary. Following the medical tests taken before the intervention, an evaluation is made. Based on this evaluation the doctor can decide whether the intervention is really necessary or not. If it is, it must be clear how much bone is missing, and accordingly, how much bone would have to be replaced.

The procedure consists of the following 4 steps:

  1. First, anesthesia is performed. Then the surgeon opens the patient’s gingiva (gum) so that the bone can be accessed.
  2. During the second step, the doctor fills the area in question with a special substance.
  3. Last but not least, an artificial membrane is applied. It promotes the healing of the wound and accelerates recovery.
  4. The fourth and last step is the recovery period following the surgery; it may take 3-9 months.

When is the intervention necessary?

Atrophy of the dental tissue is usually due to the edentuolus area, that is, the area of a missing tooth. Losing a tooth means that the mechanic pressure on the given tooth ceases, resulting in the thinning of the bone. If the patient would like to have implants installed, they may have to face problems, as the amount of bone is not sufficient for the new teeth. In such cases, bone grafting is the solution, as the missing tooth can be replaced without any difficulties after the process.

What risks are involved?

Thanks to advanced technology used in the process, the risks involved are minimal. Of course, like in every other medical intervention, certain complications may still occur. One of such problems may be that the substance used for replacing the bone does not grow properly together with the original bone. Should this happen, the artificial material is removed and another surgery is carried out to deal with the issue. The problem is not a frequent one, so the intervention can be considered safe and efficient.

What types of bone grafting are there?

Bone grafting may also be necessary after the removal of a cist or a dental root, and in order to stabilize the loosened teeth of patients suffering from periodontal disease.

We can distinguish between the following bone graft types:

  • Sinus lift
  • Vertical bone graft (jawbone lift)
  • Horizontal bone grafting (jaw bone augmentation)
  • The combination of the above
  • Filling of bone defects

Choosing the applicable intervention and bone graft material depends on the condition of the patient and the purpose of the surgery.
In most cases, bone grafting is necessary due to the replacement of upper molars with implants. The upper molars are so close to the sinus that their roots may reach it, so the implants would protrude the bone. If this is the case, the dental surgeon performs a so-called sinus lift before the implantation of the new bone. When an open sinus lift is performed, the specialist inserts the bone graft material through the patient’s jaw bone, while in case of a closed sinus lift, intervention is carried out from the area of the missing tooth.
Vertical/horizontal bone grafting means the augmentation/lifting of the jaw bone by bone-spreading. During the intervention, the specialist inserts the bone graft material into the socket of the open jaw bone.
Filling bone defects is required after the removal of a large cist from the oral cavity.

In each intervention, the area in question is covered by a special membrane after the insertion of the bone graft material. Ossification is a process that takes longer than the healing of the soft parts; thus, without the application of this membrane the bone density would be occupied by the soft parts, making the intervention pointless.

Dental bone graft cost

What influences the costs?

When it comes to bone grafting, the general calculation of expenses is a challenging task, as each case is unique most of the time. The total cost is basically calculated based on the amount of bone grafting, the type of the intervention and the material costs.

The actual price of the intervention is made up of:

  • the cost of the surgery
  • the cost of bone grafting material used
  • the cost of the membrane used

during the surgery. The costs of surgery depend only on the type of the intervention. The amount of materials used is always determined per unit.
In case of synthetic bone graft materials, costs are calculated per gram, while in the case of the membrane, calculation of costs is based on the amount or area.

Different Types and costs of dental bone grafting in the United States:

  • Dental bone grafting in the upper jaw bone is also called sinus lift and goes as follows: The sinuses are being lifted and between the jaw bone and the sinuses dental bone graft material is inserted. The surgical costs of sinus lift are accounted for in quadrants and the dental bone grafting costs based on the amount of necessary units. The sum of the treatment costs and material costs, as in the all in costs are accounted for between 200 and 400 Usd with regard to an inner sinus lift and approximately between 500 and 1400 Usd with regard to an outer sinus lift.
  • Furthermore, the method of bone augmentation is also available nowadays. Hereby it comes to aggrandizement for the implants, through the splitting of a too narrow of a tooth. This surgical intervention accounts for approximately 1000-1500 Usd per unit.
  • When it comes to bone augmentation out of the lower jaw, the dental bone grafting costs are around 1.150 Usd all in all.
  • In the case of an Iliac crest autogenous transplantation, as a further method of dental bone graft an inlay bone graft is extracted from the iliac crest, in order to be able to rebuild the jaw structure. This intervention, also called augmentation, costs the patient all in all approximately 4.500 Usd.
  • A different type of dental bone grafts with implants is the so called socket preservation (also called alveolar ridge preservation (ARP)) which is a procedure to reduce bone loss after tooth extraction to preserve the dental socket. This intervention costs between 150 and 400 Usd.
  • Furthermore another procedure of dental bone grafts is when bone particles are placed on the damaged teeth, and are integrated within the framework of the healing process. This type of dental bone grafting accounts for costs between 60 and 350 Usd.
Dental bone graft cost
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