"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Cheap dental implants, world class quality – in Hungary

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Is a dental treatment abroad a good idea?

cheap teeth implants

Replacing lost teeth by implantation is the best existing solution for patients to regain chewing performance and facial aesthetics as well as their self-confidence. If you get the intervention done abroad, for example in Hungary, you can acquire this at a much lower price but in the same quality as in your home country with the help of “dental tourism”. This article will tell you why you can trust Hungary and Hungarian dentists, what kind of warranties you can expect and how you can get a quote from one of our clinics.
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  • How to get a quote
  • Why is Hungary leading in the field of dental tourism?

It is necessary to replace lost teeth, there is no doubt about it. Missing teeth can distort facial aesthetics and deform the remaining set of teeth, while faulty digestion can lead to additional diseases over time. More and more specialists and patients agree that the most excellent and durable way of replacement is the implantation technique (implanting artificial roots). Due to technological developments and the introduction of new materials, this method offers a safe and long-term solution. Implants (artificial roots) that become a solidly fixed, organic part of the bone and the tooth or set of teeth mounted on it are as solid as the original, natural teeth, allowing patients to chew just like before, and giving them confidence.

Of course, price is an important factor – it does matter how deep you have to dig into your pocket if you want to replace your teeth using this market-leading technology. Hungary, the number one destination of dental tourism, offers a good solution to this problem. Here the high-quality Swiss, German and Israeli implants that are used all over the world cost the half or third of the Western European or American prices. The lower costs of living in Hungary make it possible to get your implantation in world class quality, but at 50 % of the price compared to your home country. Saving this much money allows you to travel to Hungary by plane or train and spend 2 or 3 days in one of our quality partner hotels close to our clinics. The total amount of your bill will still be lower by at least 50 % compared to having the same dental treatment in your home country.

How to get a quote

If you are looking for a reliable dental specialist in Hungary, we can safely recommend one of our clinics – the ACE Dental clinic in Budapest or the Sopron Dental clinic near the Austrian border, in the town of Sopron.

After you have contacted us via phone or email, we will send you an offer within 24 hours, with a detailed treatment plan and a quote. If the intervention can be done in various ways, we will prepare more than one quote. We will discuss the details during a conference phone call, with the participation of a specialist if necessary. After the detailed discussion we will decide the date of the intervention together. After this step, your own personal assistant will take care of your case and organize your journey. They will search for the cheapest plane tickets and send you the list of recommended hotels near the clinic. The date of the treatment is finalized with the booking of the plane tickets and accommodation.

You won’t have problems with finding your way in the city, either. At the Budapest airport you will be met by one of our chauffeurs who will take you to your accommodation or to the clinic, based on what you agreed on before. This service is free of charge for our patients, just like the transfer back to the airport at the end of their stay.

At the pre-planned time, the surgeons and specialists of our clinic will perform the requested intervention. In case of implants – after the healing period of the artificial root and the osteoplasty -you will need to visit the clinic once again to have the permanent teeth (crowns, bridges) fitted according to the initial plans. Of course, we will assist and help your journey in the same way as in the case of the first treatment.

Why is Hungary leading in the field of dental tourism?

Almost half of European dental tourists choose Hungary as their destination, as well as one fifth of dental tourists from all over the world. The first and most important reason for this is the affordable price. But the saying is true – “money is not everything”. An affordable price wouldn’t be attractive if Hungarian dentists saved money on the quality of the implant material or if the quality of their work was worse than that of their colleagues working in Western Europe. Fortunately, none of this is true – just the opposite! The quality of the materials is excellent and the knowledge of Hungarian dental specialists is world class.

However, there are some other reasons why English, Scandinavian, German or American people prefer travelling to Hungary for dental treatments. The first of those factors is the safety in our country. Hungary is a member of the European Union and belongs to the same security policy system as the “original” Western European countries. In Hungary, patients will find not only high-quality dental treatment, but also excellent public security, a familiar cultural environment and the western-like capital of the country which is also famous for its hospitality.

Another reason why it is worth choosing Hungary instead of other countries offering “dental tourism” is the know-how, preparedness and conscientiousness of Hungarian dentists. Hungarian medical training – including the training of dentists – has always been among the best in the world. Hungarian dentists have been trained according to the world’s leading standards for more than a hundred years. There are still numerous young people from Western Europe who obtain their degree in General Medicine or Dentistry in Hungary, because the training here is indeed world class, while the costs of studying are lower than in their home country. These facts prove that anyone can trust Hungarian doctors and dentists when it comes to their most treasured possession: health.

Another proof for the excellent work done by Hungarian dental clinics is that they have been able to maintain their leading position – not only in Europe, but in the world – in dental tourism even amid intense competition in the world market during the last two decades. Hungarian dental specialists show their gratitude for this trust by continuously performing their work at a high quality and providing warranties. For the planted devices – implants, crowns, bridges – there is usually a warranty of 5-10 years, but fortunately it is needed very rarely.

Cheap dental implants, world class quality – in Hungary
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