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Cheap dental implants abroad

Frequently asked question: Is travelling abroad worth it?

Is getting cheap dental implants abroad worth it?

Cheap dental implants abroad
Cheap dental implants abroad cost just little more than removable dentures in Western EuropeA. It is affordable! You can have cheap dental implants abroad, fast and guaranteed by a cheaper dentist and pay a little more than for removable dentures. An affordable dental treatment, with high quality and which provides a better solution.

Our dental clinics will restore your smile to its shining best using a combination of the latest advanced European dentistry techniques. Dental treatments abroad are just 40% of what you would pay for the same treatment where you come from—including the cost for the travel and first-class accommodations while you are our guest.

Short answer: Cheap dental implants abroad every other dental treatment is 60% less. The prices in the table include the material and laboratory costs, as well as the dentist fee.

Cost of dental implants abroad Western Europe* Hungary**
Swiss standard implant Western Europe* –1710 € Hungary** –from 550 €
Swiss standard implant abutment Western Europe* –380 € Hungary** –from 120 €
Sinuslift Western Europe* –893 € Hungary** –from 550 €
Minilift Western Europe* –589 € Hungary** –from 300 €
Long-term temporary denture Western Europe* –670 € Hungary** –from 390 €
Metal-ceramic crown Western Europe* –589 € Hungary** –from 190 €
Zirconia crown Western Europe* –940 € Hungary** –from 300 €
Two unit bridge, metal-ceramic crowns Western Europe* –1178 € Hungary** –from 380 €
Two unit bridge, zirconia crowns Western Europe* –1880 € Hungary** –from 600 €
*Average prices based on the prices in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, Belgium, France, the Netherlands
**Average prices of the clinics of BestDentalImplantsOnline
**The prices are indicative, the treatment plan and quote is always prepared in Euro. Regardless, the payment of the treatments is in another currency possible (current daily Eur exchange rate).

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Detailed answer: The travel expenses are worthwhile in addition to your low cost treatment, as the dental travel can also be organised affordably.The travel expenses are worthwhile in addition to the low treatments costs, as the dental travel can also be organised for low prices.


With today’s low fares, travelling within Europe is not an issue anymore.


We will arrange a first class, safe and comfortable accommodation near the chosen clinic for you, in a 3* hotel with friendly, helpful staff, for less than 50 € a night. In case you prefer a four or five star hotel, we can arrange that for a reasonable price too, as we have many partner-hotels. Detailed information about our partner-hotels  can be found under the menu item Dental Travel.

Total costs:

A treatment with e.g. six tooth implants and crowns, you can get the dental work for around 6876 € incl. a relaxing holiday instead of 19906 €, which you would pay at home. Now is that not a consideration worth? This is just an example, get your personalized treatment plan and quote from our staff. Detailed information on treatment costs can be found under the menu item Prices.

Why so much less?

Short answer: The cost of living in Hungary is about a quarter of what it is in Western EuropeA.

Detailed answer: How is it possible for the cheap dental implants abroad to be 60% less? What is the trick? Do the clinics use inferior materials for the dental works?
Our clinics use only the finest Swiss, Israeli, Swedish and German made materials for your dental treatment. The low prices affect the quality not a bit.
But if Hungary is really world famous for its dentistry, why are the prices so low?
The reason is simple: The cost of living is much less in Hungary as e.g. in Western Europe. That means, it costs us less to give you the same or higher quality service. The result: You can get world class quality dental services in Hungary at a fraction of what it would cost at home. You can afford dental care of any kind better here, as the price of e.g. cheap dental implants abroad amount to much less.

Where is the catch?

Short answer: Time is money. With BestDentalImplantsOnline you save not only money, but also time.

Detailed answer: We do it in a third the time! That is right. Your treatments will be complete, and you will have your smile in a third the time than it would have taken in Western Europe, all without depleting your savings. Will it hurt? It all depends on the type of treatment. How long will it take? What usually would be a year-long treatment for tooth implants, the cheap dental implants abroad will be completed in just 3 months. What would take a year and a half for bone grafting and a complete smile makeover in Western Europe, we will finish in 6 to 9 months.
Some of our patients ask how treatment with dental implants only takes three months in Hungary. Do we cut corners? Of course not. The reason we can do it in a third the time is that we have a team of experts for every aspect. Our specialized dental clinics have all the equipment and specialists in one convenient location, and can thus finish the different treatment steps faster.

Why it is worth to travel abroad and what do you need to consider?

Short answer: You can get more affordable cheap dental implants abroad in several countries, but Hungary for many reasons at the first place. Below is a table with price comparisons of different countries.

Detailed answer:

Experts advise that when getting cheap dental implants abroad, the following cost-points should be followed:

  • Get an estimate from your dentist at home.
  • Send it along with a panoramic x-ray to the the selected clinics.
  • Choose one and send the new quote to your health insurance for approval, then you will know up to what amount the insurance will take over the costs.
  • After the dental treatment is completed, ask for a detailed receipt and then submit this to your health insurance.
  • If something needs to be corrected: In order to save on travel costs, many clinics abroad have partner clinics all over the world, this way the correction work can be done there. Ask before starting a dental treatment abroad about the partner clinics they are contracted with.
Cost of dental implants abroad Hungary*, ** Poland* Turkey* India*
Standard dental implant Hungary –715 € Poland –769 € Turkey –732 € India –410 €
Metal-ceramic crown Hungary –209 € Poland –230 € Turkey –271 € India –119 €
Zirconia crown Hungary –402 € Poland –484 € Turkey –294 € India –228 €
Two unit bridge Hungary –418 € Poland –460 € Turkey –543 € India –239 €
*The indicated prices are average prices.
**The prices are indicative, the treatment plan and quote is always prepared in Euro. Regardless, the payment of the treatments is in another currency possible (current daily Eur exchange rate).
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Cheap dental implants abroad
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May 15, 2017