"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

We are your answer for your dental implants abroad

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced
and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants replace teeth which are either damaged, fell out or have to be extracted for a certain reason . Dental implants are screw shaped and made of titanium, which are inserted into the jaw bone in the framework of a surgical intervention and then allow a fix replacement.
In some cases, a bone augmentation for implantation is needed. After implantation, a healing period for the ossification of the implant is required in most cases. After the healing phase, the so-called superstructure is being made: implant abutment with crown or bridge.
The price of an implant is influenced by various factors such as implant manufacturers. A standard implant from the manufacturer SGS with SGS implant abutment and a metal-ceramic crown costs a total of 990 €.

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All dental treatment costs are 70% less than in Western Europe. You get the same prices with us, as you would get directly from the clinic. Quality, cheap dental implants in Hungary from 650€.


The clinics are equipped with the latest equipment and the dentists use the latest techniques. All materials used come from Switzerland and Germany.


We know the best dental clinics. We will help you to choose the most suitable for your case. The communication is not an obstacle, because all speak fluent English.


Our dentists have been treating international patients for many years. They constantly take part in further trainings and lead many professional associations, such as innovative implant systems.


The entire implantation procedure (from implant to final restoration) varies with each case.

  1. Consultation and planning

After the patient has contacted us and has sent us their panoramic x-ray or existing treatment and cost plan, we put together a treatment plan and quote within 24 hours and send it to the patient with detailed information. In most cases, we send several treatment plans to choose from.
In the clinic
During a consultation and examination in the clinic, our surgeon evaluates the panoramic x-ray and consults with the patient. After discussing the wishes, ideas and possibilities, a customized, personalized treatment plan is put together.

  1. First treatment: Implantation

During the painless surgical procedure in accordance with the international protocol, the implants are placed into the jawbone. After surgery, the patient is gets a removable temporary denture and appropriate instructions for the healing period (time necessary for the
bone to recover and ossification of the implants). If not a sufficient amount of bone tissue is available for implantation, a bone graft (also known as jaw bone augmentation
) is carried out, often in the same session, to replace missing bone tissue.

  1. Recovery time

During the next 3-6 months of recovery time after implantation, the implant heals below the gums, meaning that the implant integrates into jawbone. During this time, the patient must practice perfect oral hygiene and take medications as instructed.

  1. Second treatment: Final restoration

After the healing phase, the final restoration on the implant or the implants is constructed. There are many types of replacements on implants from simple solutions (single crown on an implant or bridge on two implants) to full restorations (round bridge on 6-8 implants, or removable dentures on less than 6 implants).

  1. Check-up

The long-term success of the implant and the built artificial tooth cannot be guaranteed without careful oral hygiene; therefore, it is very important that the patient retains his oral hygiene and improves it, if necessary. After the prosthetic procedure, patients have a professional oral cleaning and a check-up at least once a year to check the function and stability of the implant.


How much will my cheap dental implants cost?

How much is it? Western Europe* Hungary**
Swiss dental implant Western Europe* –2090 € Hungary* –from 650 €
Immediate dental implants Western Europe* –2090 € Hungary* –from 715 €
Tooth crown (Metal-ceramic) Western Europe* –589 € Hungary* –from 220 €
Dental crown (Zirconia) Western Europe* –940 € Hungary* –from 300 €
Sinuslift Western Europe* –893 € Hungary* –from 550 €
*Average prices based on the prices in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, Belgium, France, the Netherlands
**Average prices of the clinics of BestDentalSolutions
**The prices are indicative, the treatment plan and quote is always prepared in Euro. Regardless, it is possible to pay for the treatments in another currency (current daily Eur exchange rate).

How come there is this big of a difference in price?

How is it possible that any sort of dental treatment abroad costs 70% less?

Metal-ceramic crown on standard implantWhat is the trick? Does a dental clinic in Europe use inferior materials for their cheap dental implants and dental crowns? Our dental clinics use only the finest Swiss, Israeli, Swedish and German made materials for your dental crowns, veneers, and tooth implants. We use exclusively the latest technologies, such as CAD CAM, CT and 3D teeth implant planning for our dental treatments. But if Hungary is really world famous for its dentistry, why are the dental treatment prices so low?
The reason is simple:
The cost of living is much less in Hungary, about a quarter of what it is in the States. So a dental clinic abroad can afford lower prices. That means it costs us less to give you the same or higher quality service and materials for your dental treatment. The result: You can get world class quality dental services and first class cheap dental implants.

Why do 40% of Europe’s dental tourists go to Hungary?

Hungary is a forerunner in dental tourism.
More than half a million people cannot be mistaken. Why do thoWestern Europends of people decide every year to come from the UK, Canada, US and Ireland to Hungary for their cheap dental implants or any sort of dental work?
It is the high level of safety, expertise, experience and caring they get, while they keep the costs of crowns and cheap dental implants low. In the last 10 years almost
600.000 dental patients visited Hungary to have their teeth repaired and to get their cheap dental implants.
Professional background: Hungary has been home to world class dental schools for more than 100 years. For about 50 years, aspiring dentists from English and German-speaking countries have been coming to Hungary for their dental education, because it is considered among the best in Europe. Furthermore, all of these highly trained specialists, the best Hungarian dentists and dental surgeons, are working in dental tourism. So you will get higher quality dental work in Hungary than you would get from the average dentist back home.

How will my P.A. help me with my dental treatment abroad?

  • Gets you one (or more) free dental treatment plans
  • Finds the cheapest flights for you
  • Books you a hotel of your choice
  • Your dental PA awaits you together with your driver at the airport
  • Makes sure that everything runs smoothly during your stay
  • Will be the contact person after your dental treatment

State of the art technology: Modern dentistry

At all clinics, as well as in the dental laboratories, only high quality, CE certified and internationally recognized materials are used. Almost all materials are imported from Switzerland, Israel and Germany.
Each and every dental clinic abroad of ours is equipped with the latest technologies such as CAD CAM, 3D teeth implant planning and lasers.
After the end of the dental treatment, our patients receive a warranty card, listing the certified laboratory materials used.

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What a dental clinic has to have

  • 5 year guarantee
  • Only swiss, israeli and german dental materials
  • Compliance with strictest EU regulations

Cost from 650 €

  • Teeth implants in Hungary from 650 €
  • 70% less than US prices
  • Why do teeth implants abroad cost so much less?

Make it yourself easy

  • Dental personal assistant organizes everything
  • Many accommodation options
  • Hungarian mobile phone and driver
We are your answer for your dental implants abroad
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